The Best Time To Schedule Your Driving Test Revealed!

To get your driving license, you need to pass the practical driving test. The practical test is designed to check that you know how to drive safely and to make sure you can complete all the manoeuvres for the driving test. You need to get a good result on the driving test to get a license. 


Once you’ve passed and have your theory test certificate and have your provisional driving licence, scheduling your practical test can be challenging if you don’t know what to do. You can fill out your details on the DVSA website.


Here are a few useful tips that will make it easier to see! You’ll find all the info you need about taking the practical driving test and passing it.


Time is of the essence

In case you plan to wait until the upcoming year to schedule your driving test, you might be better off taking the test now. You will increase your chances of passing the test by taking it earlier.


By age, young drivers tend to pass the driving test more easily. The rates of passing continue to decline as people age.


It doesn’t mean, however, that older drivers will not be able to pass the test. Putting in the work and following your instructor’s directions will repay itself in the end. As a result, you will find things a whole lot easier if you don’t delay your driving lessons.


Is there a good time to schedule my driving test?

When it comes to the pass rate, many people wonder when is the best time to take the test. The following periods have been identified in a study: April, August, and December. In the months listed above, there was only a relatively higher pass rate compared to other months.


Regardless of the pass rate, it’s entirely up to you. Once you’ve completed your driving lessons, practise with your friends or family, and give it your best shot, your age shouldn’t matter.


The pass rate is fairly constant throughout the year, but it tends to rise at Christmas and during the summer. Not sure why this is, maybe the weather being nice or not has an influence on peoples behaviours.


If you take your test in a positive mood, you are more likely to pass it.


Then when should I set up my driving test?

Now that you’re more familiar with scheduling your practical driving test, you’re a bit more knowledgeable. The theory test is over, you already have your theory test pass certificate and you can start planning for your driving test with this accomplishment behind you. Let’s talk about when your driving test should be scheduled. The time it takes to pass your test will depend on your experience level and whether or not you have a DVSA-certified driving instructor. Here are some points to consider.

Checked all the boxes on the driving record

A driver’s record progress sheet from the DVSA or driving instructor can be used to evaluate your general driving ability. DVSA’s driving syllabus is written in the form of a progress sheet which outlines the fundamental skills. As you make progress, you will be graded on a scale of say 1-5 according to how much assistance you need. 1 is equivalent to being talked through the whole of process by your driving instructor and 5 is where you are fully independent and needing no support. 


A driver’s test is recommended by the DVSA only when you receive a 5 score for each skill that you recorded.


Achieved less than five driver faults in your mock driving test

Passing your driving test is possible even if you make up to 15 learner driver errors. According to statistics, a pass in a practical driving test is on average 5.2 mistakes. It is recommended that you book your driving test only after passing a mock driving test without more than five faults.


Upon your driving instructor’s approval

Driving instructors can give you the best indication of your driving abilities and your chances of passing the driving test, so do listen to them. Once you reach the standard needed for passing, they will suggest you schedule a driving test.


Once you have mastered safe and consistent driving, with no assistance from your instructor, you will be urged to book your driving test. 

As soon as you’re ready

Avoid getting pressed for time to schedule your independent driving test right away. Once you feel ready for your test, you should schedule it. You may want to reschedule your test if, for instance, you scheduled it a couple of weeks before your course, but as you’re going through you feel like you’re not making as much progress as you once did.


A test-taking nerve is one thing, but a poor driving record is another. Your instructor may be right if they believe you are ready. If they thought you would fail, they wouldn’t put pressure on you to take it. 

Preparation ahead of time

Depending on the test centre you choose, there can be long wait times. Therefore, you don’t need to wait until the week before your test to schedule one. Such short notice makes scheduling your driving test highly unlikely.


The practical driving tests should be scheduled well in advance for many reasons, including long waiting times. Trying to book their practical driving test before completing their driving lessons is the biggest mistake that learner drivers can do. As a result, you will have a very long break between your last lesson and when your test takes place. It will be necessary for you to enrol in further lessons, in addition to those you already have, in preparation for your driving test day. The ideal situation is to book a test and then start lessons close to testing time. (Do agree with your driving instructor)



Paul Knott