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A driving test can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, but for some people, it’s an endless source of anxiety. When you’re faced with the prospect of taking a practical test that could determine your future, it’s understandable if you’re nervous. 


There is no competition or race in learning to drive, although most of us want to obtain our licence promptly.


In fact, you won’t have to be scared of the driving test if you’re prepared. Passing your test is possible with the proper preparation and some perseverance. You can save money and time by passing your driving test in less time.


You will learn how we passed the test quickly in this post, as well as strategies to succeed yourself.


1. Get your provisional driving license as soon as possible

The provisional driving licence can be applied for up to 3 months before turning 17 (or 16 if you plan on riding a scooter). If you get your license early, you can start planning your driving lessons before your birthday.


2. Select a good driving instructor

Assuming that you take an average amount of intensive driving courses, it is likely that you will spend between 40 and 50 hours behind the wheel. Considering you’ll spend quite a bit of time with your instructor, you should make sure your relationship with them is positive and aligned with your learning method.


3. Schedule your theory test as soon as possible

There’s nothing worse than being stuck waiting for a theory test slot when you’re eager to get behind the wheel. Theory tests can be scheduled as soon as you get your provisional licence, so it doesn’t hurt to do so after you receive your license.


Your knowledge of the highway code will also prove useful during your practical driving lessons, which will make your progression through them more efficient.


4. Increase your weekly lesson hours

With just an hour of driving lessons each week, regardless if you are quick at learning, the process will take months. You will most likely be required to take two-hour lessons per week to become familiar with driving.


You don’t need to take a set amount of lessons to pass, however, if you wish to progress more quickly, you can take more hours for your driving lessons per week.


5. Practicing between driving lessons

When you take only one driving lesson or two lessons a week, it’ll always take a long time to get back into the groove.


You may want to focus on putting what you learned into practice and developing new driving skills from your intensive driving course. Passing your driving test quicker can be accomplished by spending more time on the road.


6. Review your theories frequently

A driving theory test is a prerequisite for learner drivers before you can take your practical, so the sooner you pass your theory test, the earlier you’ll be able to take your practical (if your instructor believes you are qualified and safe to drive). Once you have passed your theory test, do not stop learning, keep reviewing it since that will benefit your driving even further. Knowing the signs of the road, the speed limit, and the road rules is crucial.


7. Take advantage of the information available online

Youtube also offers a lot of practical information so you can get the most out of it. Learning to reverse park and deciphering road signs are among the topics covered in many Youtube videos. Video tutorials cannot replace road lessons, but they may help you to become familiar with some of the more complex manoeuvres. 


8. Prepare yourself for what’s to come

Driving tests can be nerve-wracking, and if you know how things work beforehand, you can reduce your stress, and you’ll be more likely to pass.


It is possible to complete your lessons very soon, and you can take your driving test immediately, but ultimately, you will not be granted your driving license right away.


As part of the ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions, you should learn how the test is structured, where the test will be given, and the types of questions you can expect.


9. Schedule your driving test ahead of time

It can take weeks or even months for a practical driving test to be scheduled. It is best to schedule the test while you are close to test-standard driving. Do it between two and three weeks in advance. Consult your instructor if you’re not sure how you’re doing. They can tell you when you can take the test.



It’s a known fact; nobody likes to spend endless countless hours preparing for their driving test. Whatever you do with your own car on a regular basis, or if you want to travel far, hopefully, these tips will help you get your driving license faster.


However, we strongly advise you not to take things too fast. It is important that you are well-prepared, and that you consider yourself a competent driver.


As you progress through your lessons, make sure you understand the basics and put them into practice.


It’s okay if you aren’t one for passing quickly, but do your best to drive as safely as possible.


Paul Knott