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You’ve practised a lot, have got your insurance in order, and passed your theory test. Your driving instructor has been making positive remarks about scheduling your driving test during your driving lessons, and the experience has improved your driving skills. Well done!


Drivers must pass a test to become licensed. Almost all countries require this. Driving on public roads can only be done after passing the ‘practical driving test’. Additionally, it allows you to determine whether or not you know how to drive and meet the requirements for passing the test. 


I am sure you are wondering “How to schedule a driving test?”. You don’t have to worry since we have you covered. You can find out what goes into scheduling your practical driving test below.


Let’s get right to it, shall we?


What’s the process of booking a driving test?

You can book driving test appointments online in just a few minutes.


You’ll need the following before you begin:

  • The number on a UK driving licence
  • Payment by credit or debit card (currently £62 Monday through Friday and £75 on weekends)
  • Reference number for the theory test
  • Unless you are taking the test in your vehicle, the instructor’s reference number is what you should use to check whether they are available for the test.


Is it always necessary to have a theory test pass certificate?

A copy of your theory test pass certificate is required when booking the standard car practical test. Booking the same driving test without this number is impossible.


Your theory test pass certificate number is not required to book a driving test when upgrading from an automatic to a manual licence.


The driving test booking system

The system for booking a driving test has been modified recently due to an increase in demand for driving tests. Listed below are the details: 


  • To book your driving test, go to
  • Go to the booking page and click ‘start now’
  • You must remain in the queue if you are in it. If you close your browser, your place in the queue is lost.
  • Your booking will begin within 10 minutes after you’re given the go-ahead.
  • The test will be scheduled according to your choice of earlier test date and test centre.
  • Your screen may display a calendar with the dates available for testing, or you may receive a message stating that there are no available times.
  • The only thing you can book online is what you see; there is no driving test cancellations list or any waiting list.
  • You will be offered a list of alternative test centres if the testing centre nearest you is full so that you can see if their test slots are still open.


Drivers with special needs

Applicants with special needs or disabilities can take advantage of the facilities offered by the DVA.


You should contact this number if you are deaf, suffering from hearing loss, need help moving around, or if you have a disability that affects your ability to drive.


The number to call is 0300 200 7862 (9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday).


If you need a ‘Driving test for a candidate with a disability, tell the operator if you:


  • Hearing impairment or deafness
  • If you have any limitations in your movement
  • Physically disabled


Your driving test will remain the same, regardless of how disabling your impairment may be. There is, however, the possibility of more time being allocated for the driving test. The purpose of this is to give the examiner a chance to ask about your disabilities and any modifications you have made to your car.


Booking by phone

Booking a practical driving test for a motorcycle or private car can be done by telephone. Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5.00 p.m. Contact number: 0300 200 7862


When you call, you are not required to fill out an application form, but it is advised that you have your provisional licence, your theory test certificate, and payment information ready.


Taking the driving test at night and on the weekends

During the summer months, certain driving test centres offer evening driving tests. Evening driving tests are conducted after 4 p.m.


You can also book a weekend driving test if the test centre where you plan to take your driving test offers it. There tends to be less traffic on Saturday mornings than on most weekdays. Traffic is less stressful because there are fewer obstacles, and this, in general, increases pass rates. A Saturday driving test is an appealing proposition for many applicants.


Testing at night and on weekends is only available at certain test centres. Use the details below to contact the DVSA before booking either test. It is best to contact booking support to find out whether the test you want is available at your preferred test centre. You can book a driving test using either option if the site offers both and offers an appointment that works for you.


A premium rate is charged for appointments on weekends and evenings.


Email confirmation of booking a driving test

The DVSA will send you an automated email once it receives your confirmation of your driving test booking. Your test details will be included in the email. This will contain the times and dates of your test and the address of the test centre where you must appear.


Also included in the email will be a list of items required for the driving test. An explanation of how the driving test works and a list of tips for passing the driving test will be available.


It is also possible to change your booking after confirmation.



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