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Bournemouth driving lessons are priced at £22 an hour on average. When you take into consideration the fact that the DSA expects you to pay for 47 hours of formal lessons in order to pass, you will understand the importance of picking the best Bournemouth driving instructor at the first time of asking. Here are some tips to guide you.

Don’t block book immediately

In many cases, Bournemouth driving schools and instructors rope in students by offering enticing discounts if they block book. On the surface, block booking looks like a great way to save money, but since the fees are non-refundable, you may end up wasting money if the instructor is below par. Make sure you are comfortable with the instructor before you commit.

Consider their communication skills

The key to a successful driving lesson is an instructor that communicates competently and has the required dose of patience to get information across to you. Instructors that do not have these attributes will leave you feeling uncomfortable behind the wheel, and will likely lead to failed driving tests.  If you find that your instructor has methods you do not agree with, it is in your best interests to switch as quickly as you as you can. This re-emphasises the need to avoid block booking mentioned above

Consider price carefully

As mentioned earlier, driving instructors charge hourly rates. If you feel hourly lessons will be sufficient for you, you can base your price research on that. However for many people, 90 minute lessons or two hour lessons are more effective. Focus on finding the right price for the right lesson duration. Two hour lessons, for example, should not necessarily be priced as double one hour lessons.

Ignore the mouth-watering pass rates

It is easy to get drawn in by claims of a 90% pass rate.  However, pass rates mean very little in the grand scheme of things, especially when dealt with in isolation.  Before you go running to an instructor based on pass rate alone, be sure to understand how the rate was calculated.  Is it based on first or second time passers? How many lessons did it take for the individuals to pass? Do they refuse to put people through tests if they aren’t at least ‘90%’ sure they will pass. These are important questions that will help clarify the pass rate.

Consider the kind of learner car the instructor will use

Focus on finding a Bournemouth driving school with learner cars that are close to the car you intend to drive. Instructors with cars that have dual controls are always best, as they will be able to quickly intervene before a mistake gets out of hand. This reduces the stress in the early learning stages. Confirm that you are comfortable in the car as well. Some learner cars are uncomfortable for either tall or short individuals.

Consider the instructor’s qualifications

The best instructors are Approved Driving Instructors. Such instructors are issued a badge by the DVSA. Fully qualified Bournemouth driving instructors will display a green badge, whilst a licensed trainee that is not yet fully approved will display a red badge.  Trainee driving instructors are usually cheaper to work with but it is best to avoid working with them, particularly if you are a nervous driver.

When choosing an instructor you need to be realistic. Keep your expectations in check. Don’t expect your driving instructor to be a motivational speaker. If they know their stuff, and can transfer the knowledge to you concisely, then they will get you through the test. The most important thing is that you are confident that they can teach you to drive. That one fact will make you a more receptive learner driver.