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Have you failed your driving test in Bournemouth several times? There is no need to dwell on the failures. It is time to move forward and pass. This piece takes a look at why people fail and what you can do to overcome those feelings of fear and disappointment.

Why do people fail?

Informal lessons

In a bid to save money some candidates go to friends and family for help, tips on driving and their driving lessons in Bournemouth. They make the mistake of thinking that these informal lessons will get them up to test standard; this is rarely the case.

The driving test as we know it today is more challenging than ever. You need to work with a fully qualified Bournemouth driving instructor. Such instructors have the requisite skills and experience to know when you are ready for a driving test, and to teach you the skills and behaviours that the driving examiner is looking for.


Driving test conditions are stressful, perhaps even more so than most other test conditions. The whole scenario can make you feel fearful and flustered. The examiner keeps you waiting, and then appears; a villain ready to chastise your lack of preparation.

In reality there is no reason to feel this way. Reminding yourself that the examiner isn’t out to make you fail and remembering all you have been taught in the Bournemouth driving school is the key to dealing with nervousness on test day. Focus on feeling prepared, remembering the basics, and driving as well as you can. Nerves are part of the process, and can even help you drive better if you have the right thought process running.

So you have failed your test twice or thrice already. What should you do?

Remember you are not alone

For men in the UK only 49% pass their driving test at the first time of asking. The figure is 45% for women. The numbers are nearly the same for people failing at the second time of asking, but the pass rate becomes even lower on the third and fourth attempt. Reminding yourself that over 5 out of 10 people you meet in a day failed or will fail their driving test, will help keep things in perspective.

 Don’t leave learning to only lesson days

You need to study your theory test materials in between lessons. This will help you better understand road signs, markings and road rules wherever you can. When you are a passenger learn the roads. Focus on the traffic flow, road markings and general road awareness. Another good tip is to watch as many good YouTube driving videos as you can; not high speed chases- driving lessons.

Transfer to an automatic car

If you have failed tests in manual cars you could transfer to learning to drive in an automatic car in Bournemouth. This decision should be guided by the type of driving you are expecting to engage in. If you pass your test in an automatic vehicle, you will only be allowed to drive automatic vehicles. At least until you pass a manual test. However, getting that driving license and driving automatic vehicles for a while may be the push you need to pass your manual driving test.

Go on a break

Taking a break from learning to drive may be the best thing you will ever do. By the time you return to learning, you will be doing so with a fresh and more positive mind-set. It may appear counterintuitive  to some if you consider the chances of forgetting what you’ve learnt already but if it has worked for many in the past, it could work for you.

Don’t give up

As we saw earlier, statistics demonstrate that you are not alone in your habit of test failure. However, the vast majority of those that have failed tests went on to become capable and safe drivers. There is a good chance that you could become one of them. You just need to break the bad mental thought processes and habits that have led to you failing thus far.