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Driving Lessons in York

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We are delighted to have you here at Smart Drive UK Driving School York.

At Smart Drive UK Driving School we have years of experience transforming people that want to learn to drive from complete rookies into not just people that can pass the driving test, but master drivers. Given the large number of driving schools in the UK, it can be difficult to choose the right one. We believe we are the best driving school choice for driving lessons in York.

With Smart Drive UK Driving School York, you no longer have to waste time in the selection process, as with us you are guaranteed to work with truly qualified and licenced driving instructors, who will not only help ensure you pass your driving test, but also that you become a responsible driver. This is the place to be if you are looking for qualified and reliable driving instructors. All our driving instructors are fully trained and DVSA approved driving instructors/licenced, so you can be sure of the best possible service and the most appropriate driving courses. Contact us today.


Is it possible to pick me up from one place and drop me off at another?

If you are looking for a driving school that is capable of working around your busy schedule, then Smart Drive UK Driving School York is the place to be. One of the things that sets us apart from the crowd is the fact that our driving instructors have no problem with picking you up for driving lessons in York from anywhere you need around the York area, and will also drop you off at another location of your choosing. For instance, if showing up for your various driving courses mean not having a ride home from your workplace or school, you can count on your driving instructor to help you. Want to find out more about this great value service and driving courses? Click here to find out what makes Smart Drive UK Driving School special.

Improving confidence

It’s only natural to feel scared the first time you’re behind the wheel. Even when you are experienced, you may still feel nervous from time to time. There are a number of reasons to feel anxious whilst driving, after all, there are a number of things that can go wrong. This is why our driving lessons in York at Smart Drive UK Driving School, are heavily focused on tackling the fear and doubt associated with driving with your approved driving instructor.

Over the years, Smart Drive UK Driving School developed a system that can help reduce nervousness as you develop your driving skills. Your driving instructors will be skilled and patient, and know the best ways to help you feel relaxed as you drive. Want to find out more about our process? Get in touch with Smart Drive UK Driving School right away.

High chance of first time pass

Many people that want to learn to drive believe that it is perfectly fine to fail the driving test the first time. The number of people that fail their driving test may be high, but the number that pass the test the first time is also high. Results show that there is a higher probability of people that want to learn to drive passing their driving test the first time.

Failing a driving test is disappointing, both financially and emotionally, and it will cost more time and money to prepare for another practical test. If you want to get the right driving courses that truly prepares you for a first time pass, Smart Drive UK Driving School York is the place to be. We are delighted with the fact that we have some of the best pass rates in the UK and why people chose to learn to drive with us.

You are just a phone call away from getting expert advice.

What are the types of cars available when you learn to drive?

Our driving school currently have an array of manual cars you can chose to learn to drive in at our driving school, and so the choice is completely down to you. Can’t work out the best option for you based on your requirements? Why don’t you discuss them with us, and we can help you make a decision along with the correct driving courses.

Is it right to begin my driving lessons before I have passed the driving theory test?

Many people will tell you it’s better to pass the driving theory test before taking practical driving lessons in York. This approach isn’t wrong, as it is sensible to first understand how a car works before you begin to learn to drive with your driving instructor or even a family member.

However, our approach here at Smart Drive UK Driving School York is to mix theory test and practical test training. The combination creates a synergy which makes it easier to grasp both elements of driving training at the same time. There is also a higher chance of success with your theory test when you have started with your driving lessons in York with your driving instructor.

What is the length of time for each driving lesson?

Many people have a lot to do to make up their day, so it’s no surprise that you’ll want to know how long driving lessons in York will take with your driving instructor. The length of time spent on driving lessons will depend on your learning ability, and the teaching methods deployed by the driving instructor. However, with our driving instructors, and our carefully crafted training system, you can expect to spend an average of 2 hours on each lesson. Block booking 10 hours at a time will also save you money and is discounted. If you’d like a driving lesson schedule that is faster or slower, simply contact us to discuss what you need to learn to drive.


How often should I have my driving lessons?

We are well aware that your schedule is likely different from everyone else’s. However, if you can get at least two hours of driving training every week, it will be sufficient. If it suits your needs, you can continue your driving lessons following this schedule. Or we could help you arrange a more flexible schedule that better suits your needs. For example, we could arrange driving courses that give you back to back driving lessons every day with your driving instructor that will speed up your training and have you prepared for your driving test faster. Booking 10 hours at a time will also save you money as this is discounted. Regardless of your schedule, we can always make arrangements to suit you. Contact us today.

Can I have lessons in my own car?

Many individuals prefer to learn to drive and have driving lessons in their own car. This is understandable, and may even be a great idea if you intend on using your own car during your driving test. It might also be the case of you owning a new car and trying to familiarise yourself with it. Whatever your motive is, our experts at Smart Drive UK Driving School York can have you ready for your driving test with driving courses in your own car. But such a service can only be offered if your vehicle is registered and deemed roadworthy, as well as possessing comprehensive insurance. A notification will be sent to your car insurance company concerning your vehicle being used for driving lessons, and verification of the valid registration of your car can be performed by one of our driving instructors.

Can I have more than one driving lesson a week?

We can provide you multiple driving lessons per week if you’re busy schedule permits it. At Smart Drive UK Driving School, we have both fixed and flexible schedule plans available that can accommodate even your busy schedule. If you prefer multiple driving lessons every week to speed up your learning process, your driving instructor can deliver. Block booking 10 hours at a time will give you a discounted price too. Our aim is to have you master driving at your own pace and be ready to ace your driving test the first time you take it. We have a very impressive first time pass rates, so you’re in reliable hands no matter your schedule or learning speed.

You are just a text message away from getting expert advice.

What Kind Of Driving Lessons In York Do You Offer

Booking a driving lesson York

Do you need a friendly professional to help you pass your driving test the first time? Now that you’ve found us, you don’t need to look any further! We are the trusted professionals in York that can turn you into a roadworthy driver with zero hassle. You can contact us for a friendly chat, or to get started with driving lessons by calling our office today or emailing us via the website.


Driving Lessons in York Manual?

Would you prefer learning how to drive a manual gearshift? No worries because Smart Drive UK Driving School York has you covered. Smart Drive UK’s skilled and experienced drivng instructors make driving lessons in a manual car interesting and enjoyable. Every one of our driving instructors is an experienced professional who will take the time to share with you important details concerning driving a manual car. You’ll learn from the experts how to safely change gears, control the clutch, and confidently drive in traffic.

A key benefit of our driving lessons is once you complete the programme, you won’t have any trouble also driving an automatic car. This is because our driving lessons in York and training programme covers both types and your driving instructor will be able to guide you accordingly, whether you are booking 10 hours block booking, intensive driving courses or paying daily.

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is aimed at assisting drivers in the UK who’ve recently successfully concluded their practical test. Several new drivers shy away from driving on busy roads due to a lack of confidence. Once you’ve passed your practical driving test, our next job at Smart Drive UK Driving School York is to help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to make you a safer and more confident driver. Pass Plus training can further boost your confidence on the road by giving you the opportunity to experience roads outside your immediate vicinity first hand. Want more information? Contact us now for more on our Pass Plus scheme.

New Hazard Perception Test

You can’t pass the UK driving test without passing the this part of the theory test. The test is mandatory and will determine if you are qualified for a full driver’s license The test consists of a number of videos which depict a typical road scene and a developing hazard. You have to provide appropriate responses to the developing hazard in order to pass this part of the theory test. At Smart Drive UK Driving School York, we make sure every one of our learner drivers are put through their paces in preparation for the this test, which is a precursor to the practical driving test at the DVSA. Our driving instructors in York will guide you with our collection of Hazard videos and revision questions, to fully prepare you on what to expect during the theory test.

How Much Do Driving Lessons In York Cost?

Smart Drive UK should be your first choice if you are looking for a fun and inexpensive way to truly learn to drive. We’ve designed our pricing policy to be comfortable for everyone. You won’t have any trouble affording driving lessons from our experts. Of course, you might find something cheaper in or around York, but it’s unlikely you’ll get an instructor as skilled and qualified as ours.

What is the cheapest way of booking my driving lessons in York?

Are you spending more than you want on booking driving lessons in York? Aside from contacting us via phone, you can take advantage of our convenient and inexpensive option of booking online on our website. Regardless of how you book, we’ll always have an excellent deal for you.

Driving Lessons and Courses Prices

Driving Lessons in York – Beginner’s packages

You can choose from any of our diverse driving lesson packages at Smart Drive UK Driving School York to suit your unique needs. Maybe you started learning to drive somewhere else and didn’t finish, or you learnt elsewhere and didn’t pass the first time. There are also packages for learners with no driving knowledge whatsoever. Regardless of what your needs are, we’ve got a suitable package for you. Contact us today.

Driving Lessons York, Beginners Packages:

All our beginners packages are complete structured lessons on the road from the first lesson.
Some say genuine but we mean it!

Check out our hourly rate, we bet that is better value and genuine too!

5 Lesson Starter Package£75.00

1 Lesson is the equivalent to 1 hour.
Beginners packages are for pupils who have had no previous experience

Driving Lessons York Prices:

First Driving LessonFree*
1 hour Driving Lesson£26.00
10 hours block booking Driving Lessons York£235.00
1 Hour Motorway Driving Lesson**£29.00
Intensive Driving Lessons York : PASS WITHIN ONE WEEK
15 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons in York ( Previous experience 25 hours /30 hours )£352.00
20 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons in York ( Previous experience 20 hours /25 hours )£470.00
25 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons in York ( Previous experience 15 hours /20 hours )£587.00
30 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons in York ( Previous experience 10 hours /15 hours )£705.00
35 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons in York ( Previous experience 5 hours /10 hours )£822.00
45 Hours Intensive Driving Lessons in York ( No previous experience )£1015.00
Pass Plus – Six Hours£165.00

Making a booking for driving lessons in York, intensive driving lessons or 10 hours blocking booking it could not be easier! Simply contact us on 0845 017 9778, 01903 691002 or 07760 767170 and speak to us direct. Alternatively you can send a text to: 07760 767170 leaving your name and area details for us to call you back with, Or contact us using the contact form on this website to let us know of your requirements. We aim to respond as quickly as possible to all enquiries.

To make an online booking or enquiry with us for your driving lessons in York, click Here.

Does Smart Drive UK Driving School offer refresher driving courses?

If you haven’t driven a car in a while and would like a refresher course, you’ve found the right team to help you. Smart Drive UK Driving School York offers refresher courses to people like you whose driving skills have gone rusty due to lack of use. Many drivers have, over the years, benefited from our short refresher course and you can too.

Do Smart Drive UK Driving School offer intensive driving lessons in York?

Are you looking to take intensive driving lessons in York? Maybe there’s a job vacancy you want and the position requires driving skills. There could be a variety of other reasons why you want to learn to drive fast. Whatever the case, our experienced and skillful approved driving instructors know how to put an intensive course together. Within a short time, we can turn you into a skilled, fully confident, and licensed road user. Courses available from 10 hours to 45 hours. Contact us today.

Do Smart Drive UK Driving School offer advanced driving lessons in York?

Looking to advance your driving skills? Maybe you initially taught yourself driving or had only the basics of driving taught to you. Whatever your reasons, at Smart Drive UK Driving School York, we have the skills, experience and patience to help you build your knowledge and confidence, to the point where you’re considered an expert driver. Many drivers in York have grown into advanced drivers thanks to our advanced driving lessons in York. Please contact Smart Drive UK Driving School at any time for more information for advanced driving lesson in York.


Book smart, book in bulk

Knowing our customers and what their expectations are is at the core of what we do here at Smart Drive UK Driving School York. For this reason, you get to pay less for block bookings of 10 hours or more. So, if you are looking to save money on driving lessons in York, an organisation looking to give your staff driving lessons, or a school looking to give a set of eligible students a beginner’s course in driving, Smart Drive UK Driving School is the right place to go. Wouldn’t you like to gain some insight into how our 10 hours block booking works? All we need is an email from you detailing what your requirements are and the number of people in your group.

How do I pay for my Driving Lessons?

Your convenience matters to us at every point of contact. To ensure that you don’t suffer any inconvenience, we have made payments easy. You have the option of paying your driving instructor electronically. You also have the option of paying your driving instructor with cash on every driving lesson. Our goal is to ensure you get utmost satisfaction from us at Smart Drive UK Driving School for your driving lessons in York.

Tests required before licenses are issued


Practice before the main driving test

Why worry about passing your driving test when we have a solution to make it as easy as can be. Smart Drive UK Driving School York helps you get ready for the DVSA driving test by providing mock practical driving tests. Passing our mock practical test means you can pass the DVSA practical test, which comes after you have passed theory test.

Take your driving test in York

You can only get your driver’s license after you have taken the official DVSA practical test. The level of expertise with which we deliver our driving lessons ensures that you’ll be able to pass the practical driving test after taking any of our driving lessons and courses. Our results have proven that our driving lessons in York are likely to mean you have passed first time.

Call us today for expert advice.

Booking your driving test

How do I go about booking a practical driving test?

Go to the official Gov.UK website to book your practical driving test. We recommend this because you may end up having to pay more if you use third-party websites. You need to have passed the theory test before you book your practical driving test. Can’t quite wrap your head around it? It’s not as complicated as it sounds, you’ll have Smart Drive UK Driving School York and our driving instructors to guide you from day one until you get your license.

How long are the driving tests?

For the driving test to be completed, you have to complete five steps, including vehicle reversing, independent driving, safety questions, driving ability, and an eyesight check. It is the same process for automatic transmission as it is for manual transmission. The actual driving test takes an average of 40 minutes to complete.

What happens on the designated day?

First, you will have to show your theory test certificate and your provisional license, after which you will be required to read the number of a license plate some metres away, as a way to test your eyesight. Next, you will have to demonstrate your knowledge by answering a series of show and tell questions, but only if you pass the eye test. Following this, you will have to prove your skills as a driver and let the driving examiner know that you are capable of reversing a vehicle and driving on different types of roads effectively and safely. During the driving test, you will be asked to engage in independent driving for about 20 minutes and the examiner may include an emergency stop. The entire driving test should last about 40 minutes. Remember that while the practical driving test can be nerve-racking, all you will be asked to do has already been covered as you went through your driving lessons.

What follows after the test?


Getting your full driving license

Great job acing that practical driving test. This means you are now qualified to apply for a proper driving license. The examiner will send the results of your practical driving test to the DVLA, who will process your license. You should receive your driving license no later than three weeks after passing the practical driving test. At Smart Drive UK Driving School York we are always available to guide you through the process up until you receive your driving license. It is only when you have become a licensed and fully qualified that we can dust our hands.

Further driving lessons for after the test in York

While the test may have seemed tough, driving on the actual motorway is the real challenge. You will have to deal with the reality of driving at night, in the rain and snow, and having to deal with increased traffic. You can get help, instead of doing it on your own. At Smart Drive UK Driving School York, we have a series of post-test driving lessons in and around York that will help you become familiar with motorway driving.

Further driving lessons for advanced drivers in York

Do you reside in or around York? Are you looking to brush up your driving skills? We can help you there. The team at Smart Drive UK Driving School York is responsible for helping hundreds of people brush up their driving skills. Get your confidence back and improve your driving skills by calling our Driving School in York and getting signed up for classes. Text and email are other channels by which you can reach us to learn how we can help boost your driving skills.

Refresh Your Skills with a Driving Course

It may be necessary for you to take a short refresher driving course. We have designed refresher driving lessons to help you get back on the road. Learn more by getting in touch with us now.

Information about York

  • Smart Drive Uk is proud to offer Driving Lessons services in the City of York, which lies within England in North Yorkshire.
  • Historically, York was categorized as part of the county Yorkshire.
  • York‘s local authority/administrative division is a City Status In The United Kingdom.
  • York is situated in Yorkshire And The Humber.
  • York incorporates a number of settlements including Everingham, Stonegrave, Aldwark, Sproxton, Westow, Thornton-on-the-Hill, and Derwenthorpe.
  • Whenby, and Youlton are included withinin Smart Drive Uk‘s Driving Lessons service area in the City of York.
  • Roads Connecting York to other major towns and cities includes the A1079 road, and A59 road.
  • Local roads within York include A58 road, and A168 road.
  • Close to York, Carlisle, Cumbria are positioned immediately to the south of the City.
  • Close to York, Bradford can be found situated immediately to the north.
  • A number of companies including Terry’s, Costcutter, and Best Western GB in the City of York.
  • Local TV and Radio broadcasting companies in York include Tempo FM

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To apply for your first provisional driving licence you need contact the DVSA. The easiest way is to follow the instructions online by clicking on the following link.

No you do not have to start work as soon as you qualify. However it would make sense not to leave it too long before you put your knowledge to good use to ensure you do not forget any key information and techniques that you have learnt during you training programme.

Yes. The training programme is very flexible and will fit around your work and family commitments.

To become a driving instructor you must be 21 years or above. You must have held a full driving licence for 3 years or more and have no more than six penalty points to be able to register. You must have a criminal record check completed and be a fit and proper person to be able to be added to the driving instructor register. To qualify you must pass three tests. Part one = Theory and Hazard perception. Part Two = Driving test. Part Three = Instructional Ability Test

We will provide on going support once you have qualified. There are also different motoring organisations that support continuous development for driving instructors.

You have unlimited attempts on the part one test but a maximum of three attempts on the part two and three tests. If you fail an attempt then you can re book a test. If you fail the third attempt on the part 2 or 3 tests then you cannot proceed further and you will have to re register and start the entire process again. You will have to wait a full two years from the date you passed your part one test before you can start again. The following link shows details of the qualifying process.

Your driving instructor can be in the car with you if you want to. This is your choice and the driving test examiner will ask you if you would like this. Your driving instructor will discuss this with you prior to the driving test to ensure the decision is of benefit to you.

You can take your driving test in any car as long as you are fully insured. In most cases the candidate uses the driving instructors car that they have been taking lessons in as this is more familiar to you.

By taking on board the feedback given to you by your driving instructor will be the best way to ensure you increase the likelihood of passing your driving test. Where necessary, make note of this feedback after each lesson so you can reflect on it. Then prior to your next lesson you can be better prepared. You can look at additional driving materials to enhance your learning of which your driving instructor can advise.

Your driving instructor will advise you when you are ready to book/take your practical driving test based on your progress level within your driving lessons. They know the standard you need to achieve to pass and this is the standard that they will assess you on.

All our driving instructor cars will have dual controls.

In most cases learning to drive an automatic car will be quicker than learning to drive a manual car but this does depend on each individual.

Yes you can take driving lessons whilst pregnant. Please take advise from your Doctor or medical professional if you have any concerns.

To pass your driving test the main costs is for your driving lesson fees. In addition to this you need to plan for the driving test fees. This link will show the current test fees applicable.

Your driving lessons are designed to teach you how to drive safely and correctly within the laws of the UK. Having a good understanding of how to deal with various junctions, situations and road networks. Various manoeuvres are also taught so they can be completed to the correct standard, including good observation, good accuracy and good control throughout. A lesson plan is followed to ensure all areas are covered.

You need to contact your driving instructor direct to cancel or change a driving lesson. Terms and conditions do apply with regards to cancellations and we ask you to provide a minimum of 48 hour notice for this.

By contacting our office by Phone, text or contact form via how website, we will understand your requirements and select the appropriate driving instructor to help you. The driving instructor will then call you direct to introduce themselves and then discuss your availability in more detail and book your driving lessons time and date to suit your needs.

Your first driving lesson will be structured around your ability and previous experience. If you have not had any experience before, then the first lesson is usually gaining basic understanding and control of the vehicle in a relatively quiet location. This will include The Cockpit Drill and Controls lessons followed by Moving off and Stopping on the left.

Driving lesson prices vary depending on location. To find out the prices for specific locations please visit our website prices page and select thte appropriate area.

Your theory test pass certificate is valid for 2 years of which you can apply for a practical test.

When you are using Apps or online programmes you can take mock tests to test your ability. If you are regularly passing these with good results, then that is a good indication that you are ready.

There are various materials that you can use to study for the theory test including books, Apps and websites. The most common approach is using Apps and online programmes. If you are taking driving lessons with Smart Drive UK then we will provide an online programme which you can use for free.

The easiest way to apply for a Theory test is to apply online. Follow this link to apply.

To apply for your first provisional driving licence you need contact the DVSA. The easiest way is to follow the instructions online by clicking on the following link

You can start your driving lessons once you have a valid UK provisional driving Licence or a full UK licence.

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Give us a call today to discover more about Smart Drive UK’s Pass Plus Scheme.


  • Smart Drive Uk is proud to offer Driving Lessons services in York.
  • York is a City located in Bbc Radio York in England.
  • York’s sightseeing opportunities include York city walls, York Museum Gardens, Middlethorpe Hall, National Centre for Early Music, and Yorkshire Wheel.
  • Found within York are a number of prominent rivers and waterways including Swinsty Reservoir, Selby Canal, River Ouse, River Foss, and River Wiske.
  • A Unitary Authority in Bbc Radio York, York is located in the East Riding Of Yorkshire administrative area.
  • York is often considered part of the historic country of Yorkshire.
  • County Hall, Northallerton is York’s local authority administrative HQ.
  • York’s administrative division of local government is a City Status In The United Kingdom.
  • York is based within Yorkshire And The Humber.
  • Subdivisions of the City of York include but are not limited to Burton in Lonsdale, Overton, Cattal, Westow, and Askham Richard.
  • The Unitary Authority of York is representated at a national level by York Central (UK Parliament constituency), Yorkshire (UK Parliament constituency), Selby and Ainsty (UK Parliament constituency), Haltemprice and Howden (UK Parliament constituency), and City of York (UK Parliament constituency).
  • The Coat Of Arms Of York is the emblem of the English City of York.
  • The City of York also amalgamated hamlets such as Leppington, North Yorkshire within its boundaries.
  • The Unitary Authority of York consolidates hamlets such asWest Heslerton, Brotton, Bishophill, Thormanby, and Calcutt within its border.
  • Villages within York, include Staithes, Gayles, Naburn, Kirby Grindalythe, and New Earswick.
  • Last in order of mention, York encompasses Azerley, Sherburn in Elmet, Moor Monkton, Great Ayton, and Snainton.
  • York is formed by a number of settlements including Sproxton, Filey, Derwenthorpe, Whitby, Stonegrave, Scarborough, and Westow.
  • Smart Drive Uk’s Driving Lessons service area in the Unitary Authority of York also encompasses Staithes, Whenby, Everingham, Youlton, and Thornton-on-the-Hill
  • Other primary service areas of Smart Drive Uk within in York, England accommodate Aldwark, North Yorkshire,
  • Additional towns that form parm of the Unitary Authority of York include Helmsley, Pontefract, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Thornaby-on-Tees, and Northallerton
  • University of York, Siward’s Howe, and Heslington Hall located within York are distinguished through England and the United Kingdom.
  • Amongst the numerous schools and further education establishments in York are Tadcaster Grammar School, and Knavesmire Secondary School.
  • York Library, and Old Palace (York) helps preserves York’s history.
  • Furthering the education of York locals is the DIG: an archaeological adventure, and Royal Pump Room.
  • York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and The Retreat deliver services locally to the York area.
  • Sutton Park, York Museum Gardens, and Rowntree Park are the most notable parks and open spaces in York and are famous through out England.
  • The major roads feeding York includes the A1079 road, and A59 road.
  • Essential roads and infasructure in York include A63 road, St. Saviourgate, and King’s Staith.
  • Adjoining the City of York to the south, are the neighbouring settlements of Carlisle, Cumbria
  • The City of York’s is bordered by Bradford to the north.
  • York reputation can be ascribed to its rich heritage including North Eastern Railway War Memorial, Jorvik Viking Centre, and Great Ayton.
  • Famous buildings include Allerton Castle, St Mary the Virgin’s Church, and York Minster within York.
  • York encompasses notable heritage assets including Anglian Tower, Bilsdale transmitting station, Heslington Hall, Grove House, and Wandesford House.
  • Churches in York include St Saviour’s Church, St Margaret’s Church, and Manor Church of England Academy.
  • Scarborough Castle, History of York City F.C. (1908–1980), Dere Street, Meeting on Heworth Moor, and Ainsty are but a few of the important parts of the history of York.
  • The City of York is home to a number of businesses including Kwik Save, York Brewery, and Rowntree’s.
  • Local TV and Radio broadcasting companies in York include York@54, Aslan (fanzine), Yorkshire Coast Radio, The Press (York), and Bilsdale transmitting station