Quality Fast Track Driving Lessons in Bournemouth

Here at Smart Drive UK, we have successfully helped innumerable people across the country ace their driving test with our high value fast track driving lessons. Do you want to join their ranks and improve your chances of passing the driving test without having to go through weeks of lessons? Then come on in.

More and more individuals are scaling through their driving tests with fast track driving lessons in comparison to older models of lesson blocks, which can span months. Our fast track driving lessons offer great value for money, with a sky-high rate of first time passes. It could be the best solution for you if you need to get your license as quickly as possible, and have little time to accommodate for a lengthy tuition block.

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Why should you enrol for our fast track driving lessons?

When you sign up for the fast track driving lessons in Bournemouth here at Smart Drive UK, we take care of the entire process from booking the course to lining up your driving test; all you need to do is focus on the road.

Highly qualified fast track driving lesson instructors

We are an established driving school with decades of experience and thousands of happy customers. All down to our carefully formulated lessons which focus on the most difficult areas of driving in an approachable relaxed manner. Don’t worry about the ‘fast track’ nature of the lessons; however, no important detail is left out!

All our driving instructors are fully qualified or PDI‘s according to the UK Government Driver & Vehicle standards agency requirements.  They will provide you with high quality one-on-one sessions, meaning you will never share learner cars with another pupil.  We offer fast track driving lessons 6 days a week and we have male and female driving instructors available to attend to you.

To set the ball rolling on your fast track driving lessons straightaway, you can call us on the following numbers: 08450179778, 01903 691002 and 07760 767170.  Text messages can be sent to 07760 767170 and we will reply them as soon as we can.

Give us a call right away for the advice you need.

Please fill free to call us on 08450 179 778 or Text/Call on 07760 767170.

5 Lesson Beginner Starter Package (Manual Only) From £ 130.00

Beginner Starter packages are for learners who have had no previous experience. Please Note 1 Lesson is the equivalent to 1 hour.

Manual Driving Lessons – Prices

First lesson (Saving up to 50%) £18.00
1 hour £ 36.00
10 Hour block booking £ 340.00
1 Hour Motorway £ 40.00
Intensive Driving Courses Available: PASS WITHIN ONE WEEK
15 Hours ( Previous experience 25/30 hours ) £ 510.00
20 Hours ( Previous experience 20/25 hours ) £ 680.00
25 Hours ( Previous experience 15/20 hours ) £ 850.00
30 Hours ( Previous experience 10/15 hours ) £ 1020.00
35 Hours ( Previous experience 5/15 hours ) £ 1190.00
45 Hours ( No previous experience ) £ 1490.00
Pass Plus – Six Hours £ 240.00

Please read terms & conditions

Prices may vary throughout this region

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Booking your slots for Bournemouth driving lessons

Here at Smart Drive UK, we have made it simple to book your driving lessons. To make a booking today give us a call on 0845 017 9778 or 01903 691002. If you have any other enquiries you’d like to make, you can contact us on 07760 767170. We also receive texts on 07760 767170 and are happy to call text senders back, as long as you drop your name and address in the text.  Alternatively, you can submit your queries through our website and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

To contact us online, or make a booking for your driving lessons in Bournemouth, please click here.

We guarantee you an engaging, enthusiastic, comprehensive driving lesson experience, so go ahead and book with the leading driving school in Bournemouth today!

Give us a call right away for the advice you need.

Please fill free to call us on 08450 179 778 or Text/Call on 07760 767170.

brand Private in-car lessons

As the leading driving school in the United Kingdom, Smart Drive UK offers fully personalised lessons tailored to your goals, whether you want to pass your exam quickly or take your time getting used to being behind the wheel. All of our lessons follow the Drivers Standards Agency guidelines and offer the highest standards of safety, allowing you to relax knowing that our experienced instructors can handle any situation.

brand Great Experience

Our courses are designed to build experience and confidence in all of our learner drivers at a pace that suits you. Smart Drive UK offers unique pre-lesson learning sessions ensure that once you’re in the car, you’ll spend as much time driving as possible – not talking to the instructor about driving. This approach ensures not only that you’ll progress quickly – but also that you’ll get the absolute most from your money.

brand Personal instruction

At Smart Drive UK you get to choose the time and length of your lessons so they fit perfectly into your schedule. Our instructors will take your previous knowledge and goals into account, making our programme perfect for both experienced and novice drivers alike and letting you progress at the pace that works for you. Whether you want to slowly build confidence or quickly pass your test, you can’t go wrong with Smart Drive UK!

Learn to drive with a Professional with a proven track record.

Please fill free to call us on 08450 179 778 or Text/Call on 07760 767170.

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