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Below we have listed our top 12 key questions that customers ask us when making an inquiry in Huddersfield with regards to driving lessons. We hope this is of benefit to you, however if the question is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us direct.

  • How much are driving lessons in Huddersfield?

We have various prices depending on your current experience and whether you want to pay for block bookings in advance.

Our beginners packages are for complete beginners with no previous experience and are starting driving lessons from scratch. The most popular is 5 hours for £55. This package can only be purchased once.

If you have had some previous experience then your first lesson will be two hours but this includes a free hour. You pay £24.

Following on from the beginners package or the initial lesson you can purchase a block of 10 lessons at £215, equivialant to £21.50 per hour. Alternatlivley you may choose to pay each lesson which is £24 per hour.

If you would like to complete an intensive or crash course over a short timescale then again you can purchase packages specific to your current experience. Checkout this link for full details on prices in Huddersfield.

Yes we do provide manual driving lessons in Huddersfield.

  • Do you provide Automatic driving lessons in Huddersfield?

No. Unfortunately we do not current provide automatic driving lessons in Huddersfield.

  • Why is the beginners package cheap and what does it include?

Our beginners packages is an offer we provide for people who are starting out with driving lessons. It gives the student an opportunity to have quaility lesson(s) at a reduced rate before committing to a complete course. The popular 5 lesson starter package starts with 2 x 2 hour lessons and the remaining hour is then held back and taken prior to the actual driving test to ensure your are fully prepared for the practical driving test. The 4 and 3 lesson starter package also has and hour held back for the lesson prior to test.

The areas covered in those lessons are normally Controls, Moving off and stopping on the left, and basic Junctions in a relatively quiet area fairly local to where you live. Your ability and progress will depend on what can be covered.

  • What car will I be having driving lessons in?

Currently the car you will be learning to drive in is a Ford Fiesta or equivalent sized vehicle.

  • How long will my driving lessons be?

Driving lessons are a minimum of an hour from when you are picked up and dropped off. They can be taken in multiples of 30 mins from the minimum hour. e.g. 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 mins, 2 hours, 2 hours and 30 mins etc. We would recommend 2 hour lessons to start with as the student benefits from practice and normally progresses quicker than if taking hourly lessons however the driving instructor will take the students ability into account.

  • How long will it take me to pass my test?

This depends on many different aspects such as, how many lessons you can take each week, whether you take hourly lessons or more, plus the general ability and experience of the individual. Most research shows that on average someone with no experience will need approximately 45 hours of tuition to reach test standard. Many Driving Instructors would recommend doing 2 hour lessons as you usually find an hour is too short to be able to practice the key points being taught and this will enhance your progress. If you complete regular weekly lessons at 2 hours then you can be at test standard in approximately 3 months. However if you chose an Intensive course then test standard can be achieved within one week.

  • Is it better to take an intensive driving course ?

If you have no previous experience then an intensive or crash course is not always suitable for everyone and not necessarily the ideal approach to reaching test standard. You may be required to complete up to 5 hours in one lesson every day depending how long your course is for and when the test is booked. Most people cannot concentrate for this period of time and therefore progress may plateau half way through your driving lesson, wasting time and money. If you have previous driving experience or re starting driving lessons then an intensive course me be suitable and can be shorter in length. We generally find people progress more effectively through regular weekly lessons. Two hour lessons seem to be the most popular and some people chose to do a few sessions each week as a semi intensive course.  People also choose an Intensive course as they may need to pass quickly to secure a new job and therefore the cost and how many hours it takes may not be a priority but passing within a few weeks is. So as long as you have passed your theory test then a practical test can be booked and a test can be taken at the end of the course. We would suggest talking to your driving instructor or driving school prior to committing to an intensive course as usually you have to pay up front and you need to be one hundred percent sure this is right approach for you.

  • How much are the test fees?

The Theory test fee is currently £23 and the practical driving test is currently £62 for weekdays and £75 for weekends.

  • Is it better to have Automatic driving lessons or manual driving lessons?

Manual driving lessons are much more popular as you have more flexibility when you pass your driving test. If you pass your driving test in a manual car then you will obtain a full car driving licence which entitles to drive both manual and automatic cars. However when you pass in an automatic car then you only obtain an automatic driving licence and cannot drive a manual car. Usually you will be able to pass your test with fewer lessons in an automatic than in an manual car as it is easier to learn the basic control as you do not have to consider gear changing and clutch control but lesson prices do seem to be slightly more expensive than manual driving lessons.

  • What is the pass plus course?

The Pass plus course has been designed for newly qualified drivers that have recently passed their driving test to improve their skills to drive more safely. It lasts a minimum of 6 hours. You complete the course with a driving instructor that is registered to teach the pass plus scheme.

There are 6 modules covered which are,  Town Driving, All weathers, Rural roads, Night driving, Dual Carriageways and Motorways and when completed and the correct standard achieved you will obtain a certificate. The main benefits of completing this course is the enhanced skills to stay safe on the roads plus some insurance companies may provide discounts on your car insurance policy.

  • When can I start having driving lessons in Huddersfield?

As long as you have been issued with a valid provisional driving licence then you are ready to start driving lessons in Huddersfield. Once you contact us and we have your details we will assign a driving instructor to start your driving lessons around your schedule.


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