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A massive congratulations to Megan Slade of Worthing who passed her driving test on the first attempt on Friday 18th August 2017 with just one driver fault.

Driving instructor in Worthing, Paul Knott said ” Megan started driving lessons around 4 months ago and from the start she picked things up naturally. Making this a pretty simple process. a Little bit of pressure on her shoulders as her Brother passed a couple of years ago first time with just one driver fault as well. So at least there will be no arguments at home today. Just a couple of hiccups on the way but nothing to worry about. We were so confident of this result that I set Megan a target to achieve zero faults and she just missed out through a timing of a signal. Oh well. Thanks Megan for the fun driving lessons and I hope you enjoyed them too. Going to miss the singing but not so sure about the song choices!!! ha ha ha. Take care and see you around”

All the team at Smart Drive UK Driving School in worthing_2″>Worthing send there best wishes.

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