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Do you want to learn to drive and pass your practical test in as little time as possible? With only 43% of people passing their test last year it is important to be smart in the way you learn to drive in Bournemouth. The steps covered below can cut down your learning process by weeks. Most are common sense, but, as they say, common sense isn’t as common as you might think.

Learn your theory early

Learning your theory early ensures that you understood road procedures, signs and markings by the time you start your driving lessons. The main advantage of this is that you will be able to concentrate on the practical side of learning, and feel more comfortable on the roads. You will also then be more aware when you are a passenger, and so start learning even before you actually start your driving lessons in Bournemouth. If you know your theory you can book your practical test faster; whilst others are delayed by their theory and hazard perception tests.

Don’t forget to learn the Highway Code. Most of the rules contained in the code are points of law. You are therefore expected to know the Musts and Must Nots. Familiarity with the legal requirements of any road situation will ensure you make calm and balanced decisions when feeling the test pressure, and help you become a better driver in the future.

Apply for your provisional license early

If you want to begin learning to drive on your 17th birthday you can get your provisional license before your birthday by applying for it two months prior to D-day. It normally takes the DVLA about three weeks to process your application so two months is ample time. Getting the paperwork in early means no frustrating month-long wait to get going.

Practice a lot! Practice well!

Failing your test will set you back a £62 re-test and additional fees in further training, so make the most of every session before booking a test?

With regular practice, you will be able to progress quickly and iron out driving issues. Let’s face it, manoeuvres take a lot of time to perfect. If you are unable to practice at regular intervals, or don’t have enough sessions, you may spend a long time trying to learn to parallel park, or reverse around a corner. Practice doesn’t have to be limited to lessons with your instructor. To practice routines learnt in your lessons you need an insured car and you must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age. Don’t forget to display L plates on the front and rear of the vehicle. Make sure you don’t pick up any bad habits when practicing outside lesson time though!

Make your lessons two hours

The typical Bournemouth driving lesson is taken as a one hour session. If you are looking to pass your driving test fast, however, you should consider two hour lessons. This will mean you can spend a good hour or more on learning manoeuvres, and still have plenty of time driving. Single hour lessons don’t always allow you enough time to go over a manoeuvre or issue fully. This can mean learning on a single topic span several sessions, which is not an ideal way to learn. On top of this, with two hour lessons time spent in traffic won’t eat into your lessons so much, and you will get comfortable with the car more quickly.

Be aware of test waiting times

Waiting until the end of your lessons, and you are fully prepared, is not always a good idea if you are looking to pass your driving test as quickly as possible. Waiting times for tests can be weeks or months and this can considerably lengthen the time it will take to pass your test. It is best, therefore, to discuss with your Bournemouth driving instructor a suitable time for booking the test. They will know about the local test wait times. Book the test and then make it your goal. Get enough lessons and practice in to get the test passed. Do a mock test a short while before the test. If you aren’t ready then you can always cancel and rebook.

Passing your test fast is about learning fast. Get comfortable with the process and adopt a positive attitude. Imagine the feeling of being out on the road having passed your test and use that motivation in the tough moments when you feel like quitting. Over 1.5 million Brits take the test every year. There are tried and tested methods for learning everything you need to know, and every skill you need to possess. Your driving instructor knows how to teach you to drive. If you are a receptive student then you will soon be on the road.



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