• After passing my practical driving test today I’d like to thank you so much for all your help and guidance. You’re a truly fantastic driving instructor, as well as a really nice guy! I’d recommend you to anyone looking to pass their test in worthing.

    by Chris - Worthing
  • I had a great experience learning with Smart Drive UK in Littlehampton. I decided to switch from my previous instructor and saw the difference straight away. They detected my weaknesses instantly and got me on the right path. Highly recommended.

    by Lucy Ricketts
  • I found Smart Drive UK to be very professional, my Poole based instructor was supportive, helped me with my nerves and helped me target my weak points allowing me to pass much quicker than I expected!

    by Brian Hooper

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Driving School in Cwmbran

If you’re looking for a top class driving school in Cwmbran; a school that gives you an incomparable learning experience, Smart Drive UK is the place you should go.

Whether you are looking to ace your driving test within a week, overcome some weaknesses around your driving, simply gain confidence at the wheel, or take your driving to expert levels, Smart Drive UK has the methods, resources and Cwmbran driving instructors to deliver.

Bournemouth Driving Lessons

We ensure that every learning session is optimal, so that you spend less time and money learning, yet become a rounded, safe driver; without compromise.

We equip you in every way possible: you will receive practical driving lessons administered by the best driving instructors in Cwmbran, and have access to a comprehensive library of driving material chosen to help you learn even whilst you are not in the car.

Our instructors follow the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency guidelines and they are trained to treat every learner uniquely, according to the requirements and capacity of the individual. Our driving lesson packages are flexible and tailored to fit your needs, learning pace and schedule. We make the necessary adjustments to serve every learner at the highest standards, without lowering our very high standards and expectations. Our Cwmbran driving lessons are designed for you, within an incredibly successful learner driver framework.

Book a lesson with us today for a thoroughly enjoyable and empowering experience learning to drive in Cwmbran.

Our Products

  • Cwmbran Driving Lesson Starter Pack – Once you enroll for a driving lesson with us, we give you a Smart Drive UK Starter Pack to prepare you for the wheel, and for your driving test.

Our Stater Pack is aimed at creating the right mindset, attitude and instilling the basic theoretical knowledge you need to be a competent driver. Our Starter Pack contains:

  • Complete access to our online driving theory, and hazard perception modules
  • A guide to basic driving lessons
  • Progress report document
  • Your appointment card
  • Safety questions and answer sheet
  • Beginner Packages – Our beginner packages are discounted lessons to start you off and offer high quality, structured lessons to the driving student in Cwmbran who’s new to the steering wheel. Our instructors will introduce you gently to driving, and progress you through to the end of the course, leaving you a well-rounded and confident driver.
3 Lesson Starter Package£30.00
4 Lesson Starter Package£40.00
5 Lesson Starter Package£55.00


1 Lesson is the equivalent to 1 hour.

Beginners packages are for learners who have had no previous experience

Cwmbran  Driving Lessons – Prices

First lessonFree*
1 hour£22.00
10 Hour block booking£199.00
1 Hour Motorway**£24.00
Intensive Driving Courses Available: PASS WITHIN ONE WEEK
15 Hours ( Previous experience 25/30 hours )£298.00
20 Hours ( Previous experience 20/25 hours )£398.00
25 Hours ( Previous experience 15/20 hours )£497.00
30 Hours ( Previous experience 10/15 hours )£597.00
35 Hours ( Previous experience 5/10 hours )£696.00
45 Hours ( No Previous experience )£855.00
Pass Plus – Six Hours£145.00

First lesson is free for Pupils with experiencePlease Note*

    • Motorway lessons are available only to qualified drivers
    • Intensive courses ranging from 15 to 35 hours completed within 1-2 weeks

For beginner packages, our recommended schedule are 2 hour practical driving lessons per session, but you can always request a schedule that suits you.

Contact us today to book a beginner package that fits your schedule and pace.

      • Intensive Course – Our intensive driver training courses in Cwmbran are specially designed for fast learners and experienced drivers who want to become more complete and capable drivers in a short timeframe. The program is handled by specialized instructors who ensure that you get a quick and complete driving lesson course without taking shortcuts.
      • Cwmbran Pass PlusAfter you have passed your test – which fast under our tutelage – and received your license, we recommend that you enroll in our Pass Plus Scheme to prepare for the practical challenges that the Cwmbran driver faces daily. Our Pass Plus scheme comprises six modules, which include:
      • Motorway tuition
      • Dual carriageways
      • Night driving
      • Cwmbran driving
      • Driving in rural areas
      • Driving in all weather conditions

Our Pass Plus scheme gives you detailed, multi-scenario lessons which are beyond the scope of the standard test.

At Smart Drive UK, we want to make sure that you become the driver you need to be to drive safely, anywhere. We do not just go through the motions to ensure that you complete the Pass Plus scheme. We allow you to repeat a module if you are not able to reach the required standard for that module.

Additionally, on successful completion of the Pass Plus program, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency will award you a certificate.

Book a lesson with us today to experience a complete, world class learning course.

Why Choose Us? Here are a few reasons why we are just what you need:

      • Highly qualified, experienced and patient driving instructors in Cwmbran– Our driving instructors are carefully recruited, trained and certified to ensure that they provide you with the best driving lesson experience, whatever your level and specific needs.

All our drivers are licensed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Some of them are ex AA and BSM instructors, and all ensure that you learn all you need within the shortest time possible, without cutting corners.

Our drivers are professional, patient who appreciate that people learn at different paces and learn better with different methods. They guarantee a driving experience that’s meant just for you.

      • Neat, comfortable and well adapted cars – At Smart Drive UK, we create a conducive and healthy environment to ensure a rewarding learning experience.

Our cars are constantly and thoroughly cleaned. Every learner driver in Cwmbran that steps into a Smart Drive UK car will find a neat and tidy car, every time.

All our learner cars also have dual control to ensure that our instructors can take control of the car when the need arises. With us, you have that extra security.

      • Cost effective learning – You may be thinking of learning to drive from a family member, a friend or a substandard driving school because of cost considerations. But this can be dangerous as you can learn bad driving habits from them.

You need to be sure that you are going to learn from professionals who will instill the right practical and theoretical knowledge, attitude and etiquette to drive safely under any condition or scenario in Cwmbran and elsewhere.

Our learning packages are very reasonably priced and, we have the personnel to ensure that you complete your driving course drive within the shortest possible time.

If you enroll in our Cwmbran driving school, you get top value in less time; great value learner driving.

      • Wide range of vehicles to learn in – We have a wide range of vehicles that our students can choose from. We usually recommend that our students learn with cars that are similar to the one(s) they will be driving after passing the driving test in Cwmbran.
      • Mock Tests – Our mock tests are just another way we add value to your learning experience and prepare you thoroughly for your actual driving test.

Our instructors simulate and work you through real test conditions to give you that extra edge and confidence you need for your test.

      • Free Theory Help – Our Learner Tuition includes free preparation for your theory test. This valuable service also includes limitless online support and Hazard Perception Tests (with feedback) administered to you at no extra cost.
      • High Pass Rates – Although we seek to get our learners prepared as quickly as possible, our flexible driving courses ensure that every learner is given the appropriate time and resources needed to learn, develop and get ready for their test.
      • Block Booking DiscountsWhat are you waiting for? Get your friends, family and colleagues in Cwmbran to book driving lessons today. We offer significant discounts for block bookings, which means you get more for a lot less.

If you book a driving lesson in Cwmbran with us, you can be confident that we will pull out all the stops to make sure that you enjoy an engaging, maximum value, top quality leaner driving experience.

Book a driving lesson with us today. You deserve the best, and that’s what you get with us.

Call us:

Call: 01903 691002
Call: 07760 767170
Call: 0845 0179778
Text: 07760 767170

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Beginner Packages

Checkout our BEGINNER STARTER PACKAGES in your area. They are genuine great value packages that give our normal high quality structured lessons on the first lesson AND on the road.

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9.00am - 9.00pm
Sat: 9.30am - 4.30pm
Sun & B-Holiday: Closed

Useful Links

Private in-car lessons

Private in-car lessons

As the leading driving school in the United Kingdom, Smart Drive UK offers fully personalised lessons tailored to your goals, whether you want to pass your exam quickly or take your time getting used to being behind the wheel. All of our lessons follow the Drivers Standards Agency guidelines and offer the highest standards of safety, allowing you to relax knowing that our experienced instructors can handle any situation.

Great Experience

Great Experience

Our courses are designed to build experience and confidence in all of our learner drivers at a pace that suits you. Smart Drive UK offers unique pre-lesson learning sessions ensure that once you’re in the car, you’ll spend as much time driving as possible – not talking to the instructor about driving. This approach ensures not only that you’ll progress quickly – but also that you’ll get the absolute most from your money.

Personal instruction

Personal instruction

At Smart Drive UK you get to choose the time and length of your lessons so they fit perfectly into your schedule. Our instructors will take your previous knowledge and goals into account, making our programme perfect for both experienced and novice drivers alike and letting you progress at the pace that works for you. Whether you want to slowly build confidence or quickly pass your test, you can’t go wrong with Smart Drive UK!

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