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Automatic Car Driving Lessons Bournemouth

As a leading provider of high quality automatic car driving lessons in Bournemouth, accommodating all levels of learner driver is our core goal at Smart Drive UK.

We understand that manual driving is not for everyone. For many people, in fact, automatic lessons are the only option for getting a license. Have you had lots of driving lessons in a manual car before and found it to be extremely difficult? Are you living with a condition that can make it difficult for you to effectively change gears?  Automatic car driving lessons and an automatic test could be the best solution for you.

Bournemouth Driving Lessons

Improved Success Rate In Driving Tests

Driving an automatic car is a much simpler process than operating a manual car. Starting, stopping and steering are all much easier to perform and in an automatic, you only have to focus on two pedals; accelerator and brake. This makes for far fewer things to focus on and increases your chances of success during a test.

One of the most important omissions in an automatic car is that missing third pedal – the clutch. It means you don’t have to be concerned about stalling the car, finding the biting point of the clutch or crunching the gears. All you have to focus on is the road ahead of you.

Neat Dual Control Cars For Your Automatic Driving Lessons

At Smart Drive UK, we have neat medium sized automatic cars for you to learn the ropes of automatic driving. Our driving instructors dedicate the same amount of care and patience while teaching automatic driving, as they do when showing drivers how to operate manual cars. Our program makes sure that learners are taught at a speed that is appropriate to their skillset, confidence and knowledge making you that much more comfortable and likelier to pass the final driving test first time.

That being said, it’s important to note that automatic car drivers still have to learn all the same standard driving manoeuvres and skills; the only aspects that are missing are clutch control and gear changing lessons. The usual aspects like reverse parking, observation, steering control, pulling in and out of roads, and so on, are all still required in order to pass the test and hit the roads, legally, for yourself.

Are Automatic Car Driving Lessons Meant For You?

Before deciding between getting behind the wheel of a manual or an automatic, it’s worth considering that an automatic will not allow you to drive a manual car in the future. This means that opting for automatic driving lessons now will limit your options when it comes to buying or renting vehicles later.

This consideration can be vital if you are learning to drive commercial cars and vans, seeing as manufacturers tend to produce a greater number of manual models, meaning you may have to pay more to buy an automatic model. In some cases, even, automatics are completely unavailable.

However, if you still believe that automatic driving is the method for you, then give us a call on the follow numbers: 07760 767170, 01903 691002 and 0845 017 9778. Text messages containing your name and area details can be sent to 07760 767170.

Bournemouth Driving lesson Beginners Packages:

5 Lesson Starter Package£100.00

1 Lesson is the equivalent to 1 hour.
Beginners packages are for pupils who have had no previous experience

Bournemouth Driving Lesson Prices:

First lessonFree*
1 hour£32.00
10 Hour block booking£290.00
1 Hour Motorway**£32.00
Intensive Driving Courses Available: PASS WITHIN ONE WEEK
15 Hours ( Previous experience 25/30 hours )£435.00
20 Hours ( Previous experience 20/25 hours )£580.00
25 Hours ( Previous experience 15 /20 hours )£725.00
30 Hours ( Previous experience 10/15 hours )£870.00
35 Hours ( Previous experience 5/10 hours )£1015.00
45 Hours ( No Previous experience )£1260.00
Pass Plus – Six Hours£200.00

Booking your slots for Bournemouth driving lessons

Here at Smart Drive UK, we have made it simple to book your driving lessons. To make a booking today give us a call on 0845 017 9778 or 01903 691002. If you have any other enquiries you’d like to make, you can contact us on 07760 767170. We also receive texts on 07760 767170 and are happy to call text senders back, as long as you drop your name and address in the text.  Alternatively, you can submit your queries through our website and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.

To contact us online, or make a booking for your driving lessons in Bournemouth, please click here.

We guarantee you an engaging, enthusiastic, comprehensive driving lesson experience, so go ahead and book with the leading driving school in Bournemouth today!


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Beginner Packages

Checkout our BEGINNER STARTER PACKAGES in your area. They are genuine great value packages that give our normal high quality structured lessons on the first lesson AND on the road.

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