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Driving Lessons in Botley

Smart Drive UK is a leading driving school in Botley. We ensure that you get maximum value from every moment, and every penny you spend with your instructor. When you go through a driving lesson in Botley with us, you’ll have peace of mind the content and processes are consistent with the DVSA is requirements. At Smart Drive UK we take pride in the flexibility of the driving lessons. Our video lesson mean you’ll be able to learn a lot even when you aren’t out on the road. A little of your time watching the lessons can mean that you get more out of the practical lessons in the car, and move forward faster in your learning journey.

When you learn to drive with Smart Drive UK you’ll find you spend most of your time practicing and almost no time talking about driving. You choose how long each lesson is with our driving instructors in Botley. We’ve found that less than an hour can be unproductive and more than 2 hours tends to be tiring, so we recommend between 1 and 2 hours. Intensive lessons are a specialty for many of or driving instructors in the area. Intensive driving lessons are not for everybody, but if you are motivated then our course can meet your needs. Drivers with experience find that their intensive course goes rapidly, developing their practical ability in the areas in which they need the most help.

Driving Instruction

If you are a less confident driver we are able to take you through the steps you find most difficult at your pace. Our lessons happen in various car makes and models. We ensure that each car is presentable, clean and well maintained.

Each and every vehicle is dual control, ensuring that you have the peace of mind of knowing that the instructor is your safety net. Before your first lesson with Smart Drive UK you’ll be given a Starter Pack. The pack contains plenty of useful information and resources, including an appointment card, a progress tracker, a driving safety Q & A, a driving guide and online access to Theory and Hazard Perception training. Many of our students decide to continue on with the Pass Plus Scheme. This is a class that is designed to educate new drivers the best way to tackle some of the more challenging driving scenarios that they are going to come across. The course comprises 6 modules on the following: All weather conditions; nighttime driving; rural driving; urban driving; motorways; and dual carriageways. The modules last a minimum of one hour each. The modules may be repeated individually if you fail to attain the standard required to pass. Those that do this course are statistically less likely to be in a crash, and are judged more assured and competent by independent assessors.

When you finish the course you’ll get a certificate of completion from the DSA. Auto insurance companies will offer you a reduction of up to 30% on your premiums after conclusion of the course. Smart Drive UK is the smart way to learn how to drive. Reserve your driving classes in Botley today.

Botley Beginners Packages:

5 Lesson Starter Package£75.00

1 Lesson is the equivalent to 1 hour.
Beginners packages are for pupils who have had no previous experience

Botley Driving Lesson Prices:

First lessonFree*
1 hour£30.00
10 Hour block booking£275.00
1 Hour Motorway**£33.00
Intensive Driving Courses Available: PASS WITHIN ONE WEEK
15 Hours ( Previous experience 25/30 hours )£412.00
20 Hours ( Previous experience 20/25 hours )£550.00
25 Hours ( Previous experience 15/20 hours )£687.00
30 Hours ( Previous experience 10/15 hours )£825.00
35 Hours ( Previous experience 5/15 hours )£962.00
45 Hours ( No previous experience )£1175.00
Pass Plus – Six Hours£185.00

Intensive courses ranging from 15 to 35 hours completed within 1-2 weeks. Intensive courses over 35 hours completed within 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Price is Per Hour.Motorway lessons are available only to qualified drivers.First lesson is free for Pupils with experience.

Making a booking for driving lessons in Botley could not be easier! Simply give us a call on 0845 017 9778, 01903 691002 or 07760 767170 and speak to us direct. Alternatively you can send a text to: 07760 767170 leaving your name and area details for us to call you back with, Or use the contact form on this website to let us know of your requirements. We aim to respond as quickly as possible to all enquiries.

To make an online booking or enquiry with us for your driving lessons in Botley, click Here.


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Beginner Packages

Checkout our BEGINNER STARTER PACKAGES in your area. They are genuine great value packages that give our normal high quality structured lessons on the first lesson AND on the road.

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