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Driving Instructor Franchise Margate

New To Your Area?

At Smart Drive UK we are totally committed to providing you with an outstanding Driving School Franchise which delivers a continuous supply of business that suits your requirements, whether thats 10 hours per week or 60 hours per week. We want to make you more profitable than other driving schools. 100% Confidence!!

Having had an amazing 8 years in the Driving Instructor Business we want you to join our family team. You could be our first Instructor in your area. With only around 30 driving instructors in total you will never be just a number to us.


Why Choose Us?

We undestand the risk to yourself of commiting to a contract that has either no guarantee of providing a specifc number of pupils or some that promise to give you only 50 pupils per year (that’s less than one per week) . That is why we have created a NO Risk Franchise that leaves you in control and no financial risk to you. We want you to join and stay with us not because the contract term says you must but because you want to, and you love what we do for you, and we will not recruit another driving Instructor in your area unless we have to turn away business because you are too busy and need support. We do not have any sales teams so don’t worry just our family members explaining what we do.

97% of Driving Instructors that started with us on our trial period decided to stay with us. The other 3% left due to personal circumstances and not because of the service we provided. Filling your diary quickly is our highest priority and we will GUARANTEE  a minimum number of pupils that will be given to you.

Let’s Keep This Simple..we will provide the following for ADI’s.

  • First 4 weeks Free (No commitment to stay)
  • First 8 weeks No Payment until you receive 10 pupils (No commitment to stay)
  • First 6 Months 20% discount on payments & from as little as £10 per week. (You make a decision on whether you want to stay with us)
  • GUARANTEED  minimum number of pupils that will be given to you.
  • Unlimited pupils (no minimum or maximum number we give you as many as you need)
  • No start up costs
  • No additional pupil fees/ no additional fees full stop.
  • All stationery and car signaged provided.
  • Bring your own vehicle if you require (keeping costs down)
  • Choice of removable car signage
  • You can negotiate with us to beat any genuine franchise deal.
  • Pay per pupil available in some locations
  • Agree your terms with us.

So why not talk to us today and we will be happy to discuss your needs or complete this form and we will call you back at a convenient time to you.

You’re just a click away!



Smart Drive UK-Margate Preferred Driving Instructor Franchise Business

Smart Drive UK is a reputable driving school fully devoted to providing ADIs in Margate with a robust driving school franchise opportunity. Smart Drive UK is a trusted driving school offering flexibility and transparency to Margate ADIs seeking driving school franchise openings. For ADIs seeking a rewarding driving instructor franchise opportunity in Margate, Smart Drive UK is one of the best options. Smart Drive UK is one of the highest rated companies for driving instructor franchise opportunities in Margate. Over the years, Smart Drive UK has quietly cemented its position on the list of top driving instructor franchise providers in the Margate area.

Why go with a Smart Drive UK Margate Driving Instructor Franchise?

Most Driving Instructors in Margate that join the Smart Drive UK Franchise go on to remain with the company on a long-term basis. It is no surprise that most approved driving instructor franchisees in Margate stay with the company for long periods. With the company’s mode of operations, it is easy to see why they are top on the list for ADIs looking for driving instructor franchise opportunities in Margate. The company’s brand of driving instructor franchise means that they have many satisfied franchisees without any reasons to look elsewhere. Driving instructors in Margate stay with Smart Drive UK on a long-term basis due to their unique advantages.

Why sign up for a Driving Instructor Franchise in Margate?


One of the decisions you have to make as a newlyqualified instructor is whether to set up your own business as an independent instructor or to take on a driving instructor franchise.

After becoming an approved driving instructor, becoming a driving instructor franchiseeor starting up your own business are two main options available to you.

All newlyqualified driving instructors have to determine if they will go the driving instructor franchise route or start their own business from scratch. Starting your own business or signing up for a franchise are the two main routes available to any newly qualified driving instructor. All newly qualified driving instructors have to choose between signing up for a franchise or starting their own business soon after qualification.

Choosing the Margate Driving Instructor Franchise to work with

Big national companies are attractive because of their popularity, but local driving instructor franchise providers could serve you better. The most popular driving schools can grab all the attention, but it is always important to check local options. It is easy to get engrossed with some of the well-known names, but some of the more local names can yield better results.

The marketing clout of some of the more popular driving school companies can make them a strong option for many people, but in many cases, local businesses yield better results. Don’t ignore local driving schools when looking for franchise opportunities even in the presence of some of the more popular names.

Does Smart Drive UK driving instructor franchise ADIs exist in your Margate area today?

Contact Smart Drive UK and confirm the availability of openings in your area as they could be in need of support for an existing instructor. You should contact Smart Drive UK today as it is possible that they have aneed for additional instructors.

The company may be in need of more instructors for your location as a result of student demand.


Contacting the company could lead to a positive response as student demand could mean a need for more instructors. This is because the company could already be struggling with a rise in student demand.

Is it possible to run a driving school on the side as a franchisee?

The company takes pride in allowing franchisees to retain control of their driving school and deciding work hours and earnings. The company has made a name in offering flexibility to franchisees so this is understandable. This is because the company is a staunch supporter of flexibility for their driving school franchisees.

This is unsurprising as Smart Drive UK strongly favours flexibility for their ADIs. The company maintains this approach because it wants ADIs to always be in control of their work hours and earnings.

What is the pupil booking process atSmart Drive UK?

New bookings are handled by the company and driving instructors are only provided with the contact details of the pupil after the booking has been confirmed. Bookings from pupils are handled completely by the company, with driving instructors only receiving information on the pupil after the booking has been confirmed. The company handles all bookings and notifies the driving instructor when the booking has been confirmed.


All bookings are dealt with by thecompany with drivers only provided with pupil details at the confirmation of a booking. At the confirmation of a booking, the driving instructor is given the details of the new pupil.

Is there additional support given to Smart Drive UK Margate driving instructor franchisees?

You can visit the course section and see the various options we offer. You can even earn before you get your full qualification by working as a trainee under us while you prepare for the third part of the ADI exam. You have the chance to practice what you have learned so far, and it will make you a better instructor in the long run.

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Beginner Packages

Checkout our BEGINNER STARTER PACKAGES in your area. They are genuine great value packages that give our normal high quality structured lessons on the first lesson AND on the road.

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9.00am - 9.00pm
Sat: 9.30am - 4.30pm
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Useful Links

Private in-car lessons

Private in-car lessons

As the leading driving school in the United Kingdom, Smart Drive UK offers fully personalised lessons tailored to your goals, whether you want to pass your exam quickly or take your time getting used to being behind the wheel. All of our lessons follow the Drivers Standards Agency guidelines and offer the highest standards of safety, allowing you to relax knowing that our experienced instructors can handle any situation.

Great Experience

Great Experience

Our courses are designed to build experience and confidence in all of our learner drivers at a pace that suits you. Smart Drive UK offers unique pre-lesson learning sessions ensure that once you’re in the car, you’ll spend as much time driving as possible – not talking to the instructor about driving. This approach ensures not only that you’ll progress quickly – but also that you’ll get the absolute most from your money.

Personal instruction

Personal instruction

At Smart Drive UK you get to choose the time and length of your lessons so they fit perfectly into your schedule. Our instructors will take your previous knowledge and goals into account, making our programme perfect for both experienced and novice drivers alike and letting you progress at the pace that works for you. Whether you want to slowly build confidence or quickly pass your test, you can’t go wrong with Smart Drive UK!